5 Reasons to go all inclusive for your Maui wedding

all inclusive hawaii wedding packages

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Are you planning your Maui Wedding and getting overwhelmed by all the choices of vendors and locations? You are not alone! It can seem like a impossible task to choose vendors and trust that they will show up to your special day and coordinate with each other. On top of the possibility that you have never even been to the island and you have to do all of this planning without stepping foot in the neighborhood. Don't fret, I am here to help:) Here I will list the five reasons you should choose an all-inclusive package for your wedding day.

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So, you finally decided that you want to get married in Maui. Now you have to decide what will be the best location to fit your style. It almost seems impossible if you are traveling to Maui for the first time to know where you want to say "I do" before the actual day. One of the best things about booking an all inclusive package is that your vendor will have an array of location ideas to share that they have experienced with their own eyes. So once they get to start to know your personality and what you are looking for they will be able to guide you to the best dreamy locales for your epic Maui Wedding. Because who would know better than the people who work, live and play on the island!


On your wedding day will be the time that you will be photographed the most in your entire life, unless your a working model haha! But you don't have to be a model to look absolutely gorgeous. Today's top of the lines camera capture details you would not have noticed in the past. When you leave your hair & makeup up to the professionals you know that you will be looking your absolute best. When you look your best you feel your best! There is only once chance for memorable wedding photos and I have personally known many brides regretting not hiring hair and makeup. Best way to take care of this, an all inclusive package for your Maui Wedding day. All inclusive packages will include your hair and makeup and even your haku lei for your hair or the maile lei for your partner. No need to coordinate with make-up artist since your vendor will do all of the communication for you and will make sure your team is there and ready on your wedding day. Most photographers have a working relationship with Hair and Makeup artist, and like me I am actually real good friends with my fellow vendors, and when your team have a connection and familiarity that will make your day that much better with a happy and fun team dedicated to make you your most fabulous self!


When it comes to hiring your photographer it can vary greatly what is included in packages. Some offer simple sessions of photos only or have an all-inclusive option that includes the works. This is where it's best to do your research and see what will best fit your Maui Wedding needs. I personally love customizing wedding collections for my clients. All inclusive packages will include a full team of photo+video if needed. From drone footage to underwater video alongside your wedding photography. The options are there and you have the ease of knowing that it is all included.


Photographers in Hawaii have a wide range of options that can differ greatly from one artist to the next. Some photographers , especially with shorter Maui Weddings will have a session fee, plus a package price with a limited amount of photos, than upgrade options if you want the full gallery. I personally not the biggest fan of this option, because if your anything like me I want to see one flat price that includes everything. My wedding photography wants to tell a full emotive story and to have to pick and choose parts of your story just seems to break the magic of day. I recommend finding a photographer that has an "all-inclusive" option, than you won't miss a single memory of your wedding day.


As a working wedding vendor in Hawaii you get to meet some of the most fascinating and fun artists and creators the island has to offer. Some of the elements of a typical wedding is deciding on a DJ or live music. As someone who has been to countless weddings I can tell you this, you cannot underestimate the allurement of music being performed from some of the best local musicians. Getting an all-inclusive package that includes a live band will really set your once in a lifetime wedding apart from others. This is it , your getting MARRIED! Shouldn't you have the best of the best because you deserve it. All inclusive Maui Wedding packages can be customized to include live music options for ceremonies, receptions or both. Imagine beautiful cello & violins notes floating through the air while you walk down the aisle at your beach wedding. Hawaii has an array of non-traditional options from country bluegrass bands to classic rock projects to get your guests moving and thoroughly entertained during your reception too.

I would love to witness the magic of your wedding day, you’ll want memorable photographs to look back at. If you want to learn more about all-inclusive wedding packages feel free to connect with me today. I am a destination wedding photographer that has options for your Maui Wedding.

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