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Trends in Wedding Photography

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I am a Destination Wedding Photographer based out of Honolulu, Hawai'i. I loved seeing the different trends in wedding photography that have gained momentum in 2020. Photography trends in the wedding business take a roller coaster of styles throughout the past digital decades. From the "looks like film" era to the super bright and airy feel that brides die for. Upcoming trends have been shifting and opting for a more moody duo-tone dynamics. Aesthetics change in the wedding field and although it might be tempting to switch up your editing style to go with the flow, but when it comes down to it you want to show your true style. Grow into what you feel is right for your style and you will find the clients that appreciate it.

In the wedding industry you will have clients the vary greatly in personality. I aim to capture that personality and customize an experience that best suits my clients.Which also helps decide the mood I am trying to portray in the photographs. Kia+Misty's ceremony was intimate and full of love which I tried to portray with these rich sandy and cool blue tones. Hawaii beach weddings are so dreamy and leaves an impression that you will not forget. Another trend I have seen coming back is couples specifically requesting black & white galleries. I am all for this. When color is taken from a photograph you really have no distraction from the true emotion being shown. Black & White images are also in my opinion some of the best photographs to get a large print to hang in your beautiful home. No matter what trends come and go, one thing never goes out of style and that is quality. Quality of emotion and quality of capturing true moments.

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