Why your wedding details matter



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When it comes to your wedding there are so many moving pieces that it can be easy to overlook the details. Your paper goods such as invites, save the dates, rsvp and menus is another area where you can really show your personality and share your story. Depending on your style and aesthetic there are so many options on where to get your paper goods. I personally offer a variety of choices through my client’s galleries to order high quality “Save the Dates” but there are so many options out there to custom tailor your paper goods. From companies such as Basic Invite with the plethora of color choices to individually designed hand-pressed options such as Papira, there is no wrong choice as long as it aligns with the style of your event.

So I bet you are asking, what are details? Details are any part of your day, large or small, that you’ll be mailing, wearing or carrying. All of these will come together to help shape your full wedding story and should not be overlooked. Photographs of your details help give the full picture of your exclusive day when you present it ultimately in your wedding album. Your special day will seem like a blur and it’s easy to forget about the fine points, which are essential to making your wedding unforgettable. This is the main reason I spend a good amount of attention and energy capturing my couple’s personal details. It is the “small” things of your day that deserve to be told, especially after all the time you spend curating and planning for them.

Image by Tales of Light Photography

Here is a starter list on what you should gather for your photographer before the day of your wedding so you can make sure that nothing is missed….

–Dress & Shoes

After all the time you spent picking the perfect dress, you aim to have some beautiful photographs of it after your day is over. Keep in mind about the type of hanger for your dress and any unwanted tags since all of it will be photographed. Your shoes should ideally have not have been worn until the day of so they are looking their best for your detail shots.

– Bouquet

The floral aspect of a wedding is so important. It is the main style point that ties all of your colors together, and is usually one of the larger investments for the day. It is vital to make sure they are present at the start of the day so that they can be incorporated into your detail photographs.

– Jewelry

All but not limited to your necklace, bracelet, earrings, anklets, or body jewels. If they have gorgeous packaging include those also.

– Veil or Hair Piece

The texture and dimension of a veil adds so much romanticism to images. All your hair details should be included even if you do not have a veil. Other hair elements can include tiara, floral crown, head jewels or a crown.

– Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Not everyone follows this tradition, but I have noticed a comeback of this fun custom. If you do want to include this, make sure to have all of the items with you the day of.

– Sentimental Items

I personally feel this is one of the most important part of your details. This will truly showcase your story and share your personality. An heirloom ring, a picture of a loved one, something from your mom’s wedding, grandparent’s lockets are just a few ideas you can include.

– Letter & Gift that couples exchange

This has been a popular moment in the day that is being added into the wedding day timelines.

-Location Details

Any details that can include a sense of place or location of where you are getting married adds so much to your images. This is a fun time to get creative also.

– The Three Rings

This one is monumental. I aim to style all three of your rings together in your detail images. So make sure the grooms ring is together with the brides because so many times the groom is at a different location and is one thing that get’s overlooked.

– Full Invitation Suite

From your “Unique Save the Dates” to your RSVP card, your invitation suite is what sets the tone of your whole wedding. Before your wedding day even comes your paper goods are what entices your guests and get’s them excited for the special day. Remember to have two sets of your paper goods so your photographer can capture all sides of the “Colorful Wedding Invitations” and envelopes.

Nothing sets the stage for a major event, such as a wedding or gala. The first visual evidence of any planned event is the invitation. I truly believe that the invitation kicks off your wedding, kind of like an opening act.

Custom tailored stationery has the ability to give guests an idea of the party atmosphere, theme and style of dress well before the actual wedding. When working with a stationary designer to develop a unique invitation, you’ll be able to bring your creativity to the table and watch your vision come to life. When you are placing an order for a custom wedding invitation, it’s important to express to the designer what you’re looking for. The request may allow you to meet the designer in person, which is ideal. Bring your ideas with you and don’t be shy about sharing your ultimate goal. More likely than not, the designing of your custom stationery will be done via the internet. This is completely fine, just be clear in your conversations regarding what you expect. Any detail of the event, whether it be colors or lighting, can help your invitation designer bring a beautiful invite to life. Being excited for the fact that you’re getting married is fabulous, but you should also ensure that everything is exactly as you imagined it. This is the main reason the most complicated parts of your wedding should be left to a seasoned wedding


Images by Tales of Light Photography

-Mari Maffioli

A Destination Wedding Photographer